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Here are some of the video clips of the Bharat Shodh Education Alliance's latest programmes. Higher quality video may  be found in the views under Broadband Viewer options (If you have a broadband connection).

1. WELCOME: The Heritage International School Daltonganj, which has volunteered to become the NODAL  SCHOOL in the  Palamau Region in the state of Jharkhand (India) welcomes P.K.Siddharth Convenor of the Alliance for the Foundational Programme at the school on 8 May, 2006.

Mr. Siddharth imparting CQ (Communication Quotient) enhancement training to children in the class room. Children are being taught  the skill of ASSERTION by chanting slogans that  assert their right to have the parents' time,  books, blackboards and other study material at home. Under he current cultural scenario, parents often do not understand the need for books other than those absolutely necessary, and thus the reading habits of children are smothered. Busy parents are also often not able to spare time for children. The movement considers a blackboard necessary for every child at home for certain essential tasks to be carried out by children under the Jivan Sannidhi system promoted by the Alliance. When children politely assert their right, parents understand and appreciate their needs better and are able to spare time, and money for providing  them the basic educational resources.

The slogans couched in the form of a BAAL NYAYAGRAH SONG (Children's song for justice)  addressed to parents are as under:

Coca Cola - Nahi Chahiye
Pepsi Cola - Nahi Chahiye
Naye Kapde - Nahi Chahiye
Mahnge Kapde - Nahi Chahiye

Pyar Apka - Hame Chahiye
Samay Apka - Hame Chahiye
Kagaz Pencil - Hame Chahiye
Dher Kitabein - Hame Chahiye
Black Board Bhi - Hame Chahiye

Coca Cola - Not wanted
Pepsi Cola - Not wanted
New Clothes - Not wanted
Costly Clothing - Not wanted


Your affection- Most wanted
Your time      - Most wanted
Paper pencil   - Most wanted
Lot many books - Most wanted
Black board too - Most wanted

Though the slogans are being chanted loudly in the class room in the video, children are taught to chant these slogans in a low, decent tone, as if reading a poem, within hearing distance of the parents. On being asked, children are to explain to the parents their great new mission and requirements. Since most parents are not well off in India, children are taught to convey to their parents that they are willing to forgo new or expensive clothes, cold drinks etc, but they would like to have more books and at least one plastic blackboard at home.

NATIONALISM - INDIA FIRST: Indian society has over centuries become deeply divided on lines of caste, community and religion. This has been one of the main reasons for India's slow motion of progress. Children are being taught that whatever their caste, religion and identity, first of all they are Indians.

The slogans are:
Meri Jati - Hindustan
Mera Majhab- Hindustan
Mera Parichay - Hindustan
Sabse Pahle - Hindutan
My Caste - India
My religion - India
My identity - India
First of all - India

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