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Dainik Jagran, 8 May 2006

It is necessary to have passion and sentiments in children to be great. It is not possible to be successful without high thinking, true efforts and firm will power. IPS officer cum founder of Bharat Shodh Education Alliance Mr. P.K. Siddharth delivered the above statement. He was addressing to an educational awareness program sponsored by Private School Association of Jharkhand as the chief guest in the local town hall of Daltonganj. He called on the children by the mean of a CD project that they dream high by assuming the Eiffel Tower, the pride of France, a symbol of success, generate high thinking and get involved with full concentration to achieve the target. He told that children do not ask for costly dresses and another commodities to their parents rather demand for books and pencils. Sri Siddharth told that there is a question mark implied on the education system of India. Eighty percent of the children are imparted from education. He told by focusing on his Institution Bharat Shodh Education Alliance that it is not an institution for research rather it is a researcher. He told children the iron pillar. He told that the institution will provide study materials to the private schools. Poor schools would be helped. During address to the ceremony Pro. Subhash Mishra told that study is the means and worship.

Affection of the teachers is helpful to the children to move ahead. Before this freedom fighter Mr. Ganga Prasad inaugurated the ceremony by lighting the oil lamp and Mr. L. K. L. Das of the association conducted it. Mr. Gyan Shankar the founder of Heritage International gave the vote of thanks. The conservator of the association Mr. Baliram Sharma, Devavrata jee, president Mr. Avinash Verma , Mr. Vinod Kumar of Sampoorna Gramin Vikas Sansthan, Mr. Vinod Kumar of K.K.Memorial Shiksha Niketan, Principal and founder of Rabia Academy Md. Shaheed, founder of Children Paradise Mr. Feroz Ansari were present were present at this occasion including with the dozens of teacher, guardians and hundreds of student.

Taught the lesson of Caste Religion Hindustan

Daltonganj : My caste is Hindostan, My religion is Hindostan, Hindostan is before everything. Mr.P. K.Siddhartha taught this lesson to the children in an education awareness programme ceremony held at local town hall. Hundreds of students,teachers and gaurdians of S.V.D.School Daltonganj and Chainpur,Heritage international Public School,VImla pandey gyan niketan,Children Paradise LBS,S.V.A,Rabia Academy,Mission Balika middle and high schhol, Dashamesh model,Madarsa markazi Darululum,Veena pani, Shiksha niketan,Garland Public school,Guard Jyoti vidyapith,Sampoorna gramin Vikas sanstha participated in this ceremony. Mr. P.K.Siddhartha emphasized specially on training for teachers, awareness of guardians and developing high thinking in the children on this occasion.
Siddharth's whole family indulged in the programme

Daltonganj: Founder of Bharat Shodh Education Alliance, IPS Officer Mr. P. K. Siddharth is indulged with his whole family to maintain a better education system in the state of Jharkhand. Ms. Prerna Siddharth, daughter of Mr. P.K.Siddharth played an important part in education awareness programme held in local town hall on Sunday. Mrs. vineeta Siddharth, wife of Mr. P.K.Siddhartha was also present in this ceremony.Here the whole family has moved on the Programme of awareness in the field of education.Efforts has been started to create awareness in the people by modern techniques.
Children Rewarded

Daltonganj: Mr. P.K.Siddharth himself asked questions one by one to the children. Children giving correct answers were rewarded.children were asked to recognise the displayed images of the great personalities of nation and foreign on the CD project.Images of Madam Curie, Mother Teresa, Margret Thatcher, Lata Mangeshkar's childhood image, Kalpana Chawla,P.T.Usha, sania Mirza,la Bhatt, Medha Patkar, Aishwarya Rai etc were displayed. Questions were asked from the students of school's. Students exhibited drawings on paper.

Hindustan, 8 May 2006

Medininagar.  Our education can neither give us job nor make us independent. That is why a question mark is implied on the education of India. Founder of Bharat Shodh Education Alliance cum IG Vigilance of HEC Mr. P.K.Siddharth the chief guest of the "Shiksha Jagrukta Abhiyaan" (Education Awareness Programme) seminar gave the above statement in a ceremony organized by Jharkhand Private School Association and Bharat Shodh Education Alliance in the Gandhi Smriti Nagar Bhawan on Sunday.He told that our education is benefitting only few particular peoples but Bharat Shodh Education Alliance has started giving benefits to all.He told that children should dream big raise their will power and make plans.Children are like switched off fans.I have come to energise them with electricity. President of India Abdul Kalam has grown up as a president from an electric bhender.He told that light one candle, innumerable candles will automatically be lighted.Then only India will change.He told that this alliance is willing to associate those schools which are having tution fees less than 200 to 250. Those schools which are rich and capable would be chosed as Model School. Heritage International School of Medininagar has claimed for being a Model School. Children does not follow science and they face difficulties in mathematics. Spelling is also tough to remember, in these issues alliance will assist. Inaugurator Mr. Ganga Prasad told that in Palamu the number of schools and colleges has increased but the society is still unchanged.Students of here are not being independent. They are not being eligible to get jobs. Pro. Subhash Chandra Mishra told that Mr. P.K.Siddharth is endeavoring to build a good environment in Palamu.Educatin is worship and sadhna.He called on to declare war against darkness. he told that each and every person is a philosopher. If negative would be thought there will be no progress at all.Development of India is only possible if the villages will be developed.Chief guest described in details about the work plans by projector. Stage was conducted by the principal of SVD.Mr. Avinash Sharma, president of Jharkhand Private School Association, Baliram Sharma including the VIPs of the town were present at this occasion.Teachers and children of SVD Medininagar, Chainpur, Heritage, Gyan Niketan, Children Paradise. LBS, SVA, Mission School, Vina Pani, Ramakrishna Vidya Mandir, Jyoti Vidyapith including many more schools were present at this seminar. Whole Town Hall was fetched with its full capacity.

Aaj Ranchi, 8 May,2006

Medininagar (Daltonganj) May 7.  Freedom fighter Mr. Ganga Prasad along with the students of five different communities inaugurated the programme of Education Awareness by lighting candle in local town hall on behalf of Bharat Shodh Education Alliance. The programme was sponsored by Jharkhand Private School Association. IPS Officer Mr. P.K.Siddharth was the chief guest of the function. Conservator of the association Mr. Baliram Sharma , President Avinash Verma and Prof. Subhash Chandra Mishra were present in the said programme. President of association Avinash Verma lighted on the importance of this programme in his inaugural speech while Ganga Prasad emphasized on character building and turning it towards the direction of education. Conservator Baliram Sharma discussed the purpose of this project and told about combined effort to make it successful. Journalist Devavrata discussed on the purpose of education. Chief guest Mr. Siddharth told that awareness programme has been started to create a revolution in the area of education. He told that there is a proper plan to work under the network Bharat Shodh Education Alliance in whole India. It is tried to make sure the participation of guardians and parents along with the students in it. India's lost prestige has to be re-established by creating revolution in education in the village area. He told that the beginning of civilization took place on the cost of Ganges in India only. Composition of the best creation of human life the Rig-Veda took place very first in India. The amritadhara of Rhymes, nodes and poems of Veda had been flown in the entire world by India. But in the long intervals of history the Ganges has become as if dirty today in reaching the destination from its origin. Likewise the light of education has become vague. So this project is required. Mr. Siddhartha told that the children are iron pillar of this nation. This project is meant for those particular children who does not have the access of basic facilities. He told that in this alliance those school would be getting priority where the fees is less than Rs 250/-He told that Heritage international Public School has been made the nodal school in Palamu. He told that the schools being conducted under the alliance would be getting the study material and technique free of cost. There will not be any partiality o the basis of religion and community. It will be tried to convert the nodal schools in model schools. He told that the guardians would have to come also in the scene. Progress of the children is the responsibilities of guardians.He told that dont go for betel, smoking and food for one day but purchase books for children. Send the children to school necessarily. He told that children should get sufficient affection at any cost so that they are always be eager to go to the school. Mr.Vinod Kumar of Sampoorna Gram Vikas Kendra arranged the rain of clapping and made all the present people full of enthusiasm. He told that dont ever assume sons and daughters different. Both are the born of parents. On the spot painting arranged for the children. Mr. Siddharth talked with the students separately and created attraction for education in them. S.K.L.Das principal of SVD School conducted the function. Students from almost all the private schools of the town including with teachers and guardians were present in this programme.

Prabhat khabhar, Ranchi, 9 May 2006

Medininagar 8 May. Education awareness programme was held in town hall situated in the city.The programme was co-sponsored by Jharkahnd Private School association and Bharat Shodh Education alliance.The programme had been headed by president of the association Mr. avinash Verma.The programme was begun with the lighting of oil lamps by the five students of different religeons and the freedom fighter Mr. Ganga Prasad.Mr.Ganga Prasad addressed in the function that erstwhile there were few schools then only people grew up good.But now today there are schools in almost all villages despite good citizens are not being produced.Prof. S.C. Mishra told that the children should be more encouraged so that their will power might raise.association's president Avinash verma told that association is endeavouring contineously to present one better than another programmes, so that there could be total development of the children.Chief conservator of the association Baliram sharma told that it is effort of the alliance to sponser such programmes in a month or two so that the teachers could be acknowledged that what sort of education should be given to the children.Mr. Vinod Kumar of Sampoorna Gram Vikas Kendra told that education has to be extended upto those children who are still not availing even the fundamental rights. Children of Heritage International School presented the song Hindustan Hmara.......Hindustan Hamara. Children of Bimla Pandey Memorial Gyan Niketan presented Jayanti Jaya,jay jaya maan Saraswati......Children of gram Vikas Vidyalaya presnted in this sequence the song mummy you don't ask for works at the time of studies and papa you don't go for our marriage in the tender age.

Prabhat khabhar, Ranchi, 9 May 2006

Medininagar:-Bharat Shodh Education Alliance has been formed by Bharat Shodh to develop theeducation in geometrical way and to extend it to the far situated villages.It has been started by the private schools of Palamu by arranging a workshop.After two days function the founder and chief advisor of Bharat Shodh Mr. P.K.Siddharth told that he would like to say about the education that it is not only meant for developing intelligence quotent rather than commenting on the existing education system now.Bharat Shodh emphasizes on emotioinal quotent, communication quotent spiritual quotent and self employment education system in the student's life leading on to the way of academic excellence.Education in the student's life remains incomplete in scarcity of development of the said qualities.Mr. Siddharth told that the private schools charging less than rs 250/-monthly fees can join Bharat Shodh Education Alliance.He told that the schools charging more than rs 250/- monthly fees can join this alliance only if they take responsibility to develop at least five poor children schhols.The schools will be called Nodal Schools which are economically strong.He told that there is no charge for being member of Bharat Shodh Education Alliance.Only promising attitude and eagerness would be counted of the schools.Students may get total development and for this they get complete education is the main target of education alliance.He told that Heritage International School of Palamu is the first school which has accepted the conditions for being a nodal school.He told that school's children are being benefitted by these workshops of alliance. Bharat Shodh Alliance has invented so many advanced systems of remembering the lessons that this has become possible to get by heart the difficult formulae of mathematics and science and technical vocabularies as well as the difficult words of english in a very simple way, in minutes like a game.He told that Palamu division is his priority as this region is still in too much darkness.

Prabhat khabhar, Ranchi, 8 May 2006

Medininagar 7th May:-Art of living is got only by Education. For this it is essential all the peoples to be educated. Today everybody is applying a question mark on education, at present the situation tells that more than 80% are away from good education. Mr. P.K.Siddharth IG(Vigillence) HEC the chief guest gave the aforesaid statement. He was addressing the workshop of education awareness programme in the town hall today. He told that Bharat Shodh is not meant for the research on education only but will raise a ray of hope in the life of the school's children of the courtyard of India. This is the only message of rhymes of Veda. He told that once India had been guiding the path but today it is lagging being in this direction. Therefore so many deformations has appeared in Indian life. Those deformations have to be driven away by new education policy. Candle of education has to be approached to almost all the villages. He lighted on the functionalities and purposes of Bharat Shodh in details. In the first stage planning of Bharat Shodh Education those schools has to be covered who's fees is between Rs 200/- to Rs 250/-.He told about the selection under the scheme of education of those particular schools where the process of admission is being conducted without considering religion, language, caste and community. freedom fighter Ganga Prasad and the children inaugurated the programme by lighting the oil lamp.

Bharat Shodh
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