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A REVOLUTION IN THE OFFING                                                                           

Hindi Press Release / Credits  

An F- type flat in the HEC area of Ranchi, Jharkhand. Twenty two children of barbers, cobblers, maid-servants, paper-vendors inhabiting the four bedrooms of the flat, sleeping on nothing other than mere bed sheets without pillows. The long drawing room converted into a training hall where dozens of black-boards are hanging on which phonetic script, English words and sentence structures are seen. Children quietly sitting and gazing the blackboards.

This is the scene at the one month TOTAL DEVELOPMENT CAMP for twenty-two underprivileged children organized by Bharat Shodh in collaboration with the HEC’s education department.

If the achievements of these underprivileged children in about a month’s time are any measure, it becomes clear that a revolution is in the offing. Most of the children didn’t know even 100 words of English properly before joining this camp. All of a sudden after thirty days most of them have acquired a vocabulary of nearly thirteen hundred words with their spellings, pronunciation and meanings. They can spell and pronounce correctly the tongue-twisting words like ‘entrepreneurship’, ‘transparency’, ‘accountability’! Most of them also have mastered immaculately all the tense-structures and their transformation into different types of sentences. An incredible feat by any standards, since no professional English teaching institute is known to have been able to impart so much knowledge of English to this category of people in such a short time. But lo and behold! This is not the main achievement of the camp according to P.K. Siddharth, who is the architect of the program and whose new instructional regime called “ Jivan Sannidhi” (‘in-the-proximity-of-life’) is being implemented at such learning camps. He says that a thousand-plus vocabulary and fifty basic sentence structures are only fringe benefits of this camp. The essential benefit is that children have acquired the concepts and competencies, emotions and inspiration that will hereafter propel them to great heights in life. Children have learnt Jivan mein bada kaise bante hain (how to become great or big in life). The camp has taught them certain things that schools and colleges fail to teach in nearly two decades of formal education. These concepts and competencies include Character Literacy, Computer Literacy, Business Literacy, Study Skills, Emotional Literacy, Self Learning Competencies, Value Literacy, Good Manners, Interview Techniques, Time Management, Secrets of High Achievement, Anger Management, Conversational English, Group Discussion, Life Skills, Introspection and Self analysis, Spirituality Quotient, Role Plays, Brain Storming, Communications Skills, Reasons and Remedies of Poverty, Cultural Awareness etc.

Bharat Shodh is not satisfied with developing these twenty-two children. It dreams of imparting similar education to twenty-two hundred, then twenty-two thousands, and possibly twenty-two lakhs underprivileged but academically brilliant children, by holding large TOTAL DEVELOPMENT CAMPS in which hundreds and thousands of children can acquire the necessary direction and motivation in life. All the children trained by Mr. Siddharth and is team take a vow to train and motivate another 10 children. And all this is for free except for the food grains that children may bring for their subsistence at the camps Bharat Shodh may hold in future. Bharat Shodh plans to hold similar camps for youth of 16 to 21 years of age in view of the growing demand from this section of people.


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