Among the oldest civilizations of the world, and once one of the most prosperous places on earth, India has made some of the historians marvel at the wonder that it was. If  one billion people of this country, with their two billion hands, awake and arise, the course of history will change.
The people of this land, which was known earlier as Bharat and Hindustan, exhibited striking potential on nearly all fronts - from the spiritual to the material, from mathematics to medicine and from philosophy to trade and commerce.

This potential has remained buried for millennia under the debris of history. The potential and power of the people of India await rediscovery and actualization. Hence BHARAT-SHODH or   INDIA  RE-SEARCH and RE-FIND...  Come forward to re-discover and rebuild Bharat !
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These video clips of the year 2002 show the men and women of Simaliya village ( near Ranchi in the state of Jharkhand, India) digging a pond. This was an entirely voluntary effort  by the villagers after being inspired by Bharat Shodh for undertaking collective self-development by using their own energy and time. If only the one billion people of India with their two billion hands started working  More...

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HOLISTIC LEARNING CAMPS for underprivileged at Ranchi, Delhi and Rishikesh. Click here >>

BHARAT SHODH EDUCATION ALLIANCE has started a programme called 'Neev' which is a foundational course for underprivileged children for empowerment and total self development. To know more about this camp click here>>

Benegal's lesson to children click here >>



Our mission is to help people, especially the village communities of India, to understand their rights and duties, entitlements and obligations, and to motivate them to undertake Sampurn Nirman or total development through Lok Shasan or self-governance, drawing sustenance from their cultural heritage whilst accepting the positive elements of modernity that accord with the native genius. Our goal is to help the people of India to rediscover and actualize their own power and  potential and contribute to the rebuilding of a prosperous and vibrant Bharat.

Bharat Shodh
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